This section has the products available today and others forthcoming ranging from design and development enablement to components and systems.  Below are the categories and product lists in addition to the URLs where more detail is available from the suppliers.


SmartDV Verification IP

Verifies OpenCAPI interfaces and includes test suite and performs protocol tests in a directed or randomized fashion.

Verification IP
Synthesizable Transactor


Smart Modular Technologies

DDR4 Differential DIMM (DDIMM) that is 1U and is JEDEC compliant.

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Vendor Orderable Part Number Form Factor Memory
Samsung Electronics M353A2K40DB0 1U 16 GB DDR4
Samsung Electronics M354A4K40DB0 2U 32 GB DDR4
Samsung Electronics M353A8G40AB0 2U 64 GB DDR4
Samsung Electronics M353AAG40M30 2U 128 GB DDR4
SMART Modular SR2047DD420425HC 1U 16 GB DDR4
SMART Modular SR4097DD440425HA 1U 32 GB DDR4
SMART Modular SR4097DE420425HC 2U 32 GB DDR4
SMART Modular SR8197DE440425HA 2U 64 GB DDR4
Micron MTA36AHF4G72NZ-3G2E1B5 2U 32 GB DDR4
Micron MTA36AHF8G72NZ-3G2E1B5 2U 64 GB DDR4
Micron MTA36AHF16G72NZ-3G2E1B5 2U 128 GB DDR4


White paper, “Serial Memory Technology White Paper”, Microchip, 2019.


IBM Power System Swift (follow-on to POWER9)

This is a 2Socket 2U development system that is based on a follow-on to IBM’s POWER9 microprocessor and has OMI. Access to a system in the cloud will be available soon for learning and development purposes.

IBM POWER10 System

This is a 2Socket 2U system that is OMI enabled. This system is based on the next generation Power Processor called POWER10.


IBM POWER10 Microprocessor Module

The POWER10 is IBM’s next generation microprocessor and like the POWER9 follow-on, this microprocessor will be OMI enabled. The microprocessor package will come in different varieties including pinout packages and core counts and will be available for purchase.

Microchip P10-Class Memory Buffer Module

This memory buffer chip is OMI enabled with a 25Gbps bus. More information is available from Microchip in addition to their published datasheet.